Friday, 28 February 2014

Nothing Can Prevent a Concussion, Oshawa Physiotherapy Experts Say

Two helmets stood out in the study: Revolution and VSR4, both from one major manufacturer. Helmet technology has evolved over the years, slowly replacing leather helmets with resilient, lightweight polycarbonate. With digital technology, helmets now come with the ability to register impacts around the helmet for assessment.

Sports officials also implement their own methods of ensuring safety during a game. Head-to-head contact is— and always will be—an illegal move in football. The area around the head and neck is off-limits when tackling defenseless players. It can result in the ejection of the offending player from the game. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, nothing can eliminate concussion risk from sport. It’s for that reason an Oshawa physiotherapy service like CWR Health Clinic's Shift Concussion Management Program exists.

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